A GARDEN created in memory of a former pupil at Wylye Valley C of E Primary School in Codford has been transformed over the summer.

The garden, which is known as Louis’s garden, was originally created in memory of Louis Coldwell.

It is a place that is close to the hearts of the staff and pupils at the school providing a quiet area at break times away from the hustle and bustle of school life and is affectionately referred to as Louis’s garden.

It now boasts a giant Bill and Ben sculpture overlooking the garden which has been planted up with a variety of herbs, including mint, rosemary and thyme, providing sensational aromatic scent and colour throughout the year.

The man behind the transformation of the garden is Gary Belfield - a familiar face at Wylye Valley Primary since he runs the popular after school gardening club.

He also comes into the school to teach the children about growing and nurturing their environment for future generations.

The Reception children in Little Einsteins are particularly taken with the new-look garden and the new characters that have been added.

“It’s been an absolute joy to see the children touching and smelling the plants,” said Reception teacher Georgie Baker.

“Once again, Gary has done a fantastic job. It’s the perfect start to the school year and a real treat for the children and teaches alike.”