ANTISOCIAL behaviour has continued to make up a large proportion of the incidents reported to police in Fordingbridge.

Last month, there were 15 incidents of antisocial behaviour, which included reports of motorbike noise, a young person riding a quad bike, fishing from a bridge, people entering an abandoned property and kids entering school grounds as well as loud music being played, a person using a BB gun in their back garden, a planned jazz concert and “people sleeping in a river”.

The report, which was given to Fordingbridge Town Council, during a meeting last week, also said there were two reports of youths throwing bike parts in the river.

As reported in the Journal last week, over the last five months, from March to June, there have been 52 incidents of antisocial behaviour reported in Fordingbridge, including youths “causing a nuisance”, catapults being used and a trampoline being used in the skatepark.

Hampshire Constabulary Inspector for Fordingbridge, Michael Minnock, said: “We are aware of the reports of anti-social behaviour in the community during recent months, and appreciate the unease that these incidents may be causing in the local community.

“The level of anti-social behaviour is as expected at this time of year, especially as we entered into the final weeks of the summer holidays, in conjunction with further easing of Covid-19 government regulations.

“We are continuing to be visible in high-risk areas as part of our routine patrol plans and listen to community feedback when incidents are reported to us.

“As a local neighbourhood policing team we continue to work with local partners, including New Forest District Council and target those that commit the highest harm in the community such as, with a view to protecting the most vulnerable.”

“As always, if you spot something suspicious, or you’ve been a victim of crime, then we would continue to encourage you to call 101 or report it to us online via our reporting tool. Please remember that if a crime is in progress, the suspects are at the scene, or a person is in immediate danger then please dial 999.”