THE former Conservative MP for Salisbury has said he agrees with a post on Twitter that calls the current Tory Party "corrupt", "dishonest" and "evil". 

It comes after a proposed law giving Boris Johnson's government the power to override parts of the Brexit agreement with the EU has passed its first hurdle in the Commons.
MPs backed the Internal Market Bill by 340 votes to 263.

Critics, including a number of Tory MPs, warned it risks damaging the UK by breaching international law.

Twitter user Sarah said after the vote: "This Tory Party is an abomination. Not ‘nasty’. Way beyond that. Corrupt. Dishonest. Dishonourable. Stupid. Divisive. Evil. 

"The most dangerous political force of our lifetimes. The #IMBill is all the evidence you need. Despite there being far more. What a terrible new low."



Robert Key, who was MP for the city between 1983 and 2010, retweeted this, and added: "It really hurts me to agree with you, Sarah."