Smashed glass, discarded beer bottles and fast food packaging have been found strewn outside a nursery in Tidworth.

Officers say that in recent days they have received reports of anti-social behaviour outside Paddington Play Station Nursery on Drummer Lane.

These include dropping litter all over the floor and bins being tipped over.

PCSO Catterick from the Tidworth neighbourhood team said: "This kind of behaviour in our town should not be happening, it is distressing for local residents and business owners who take it upon themselves to clean this mess up.

"Smashed bottles around the nursery also pose a very dangerous risk to the small children who attend the nursery on a daily basis. I ask anyone who uses these areas for recreation purposes to take some responsibility for their actions and ensure they are disposing of their rubbish in the correct way.

"Staff at the nursery on Drummer Lane have placed a plastic recycling tub outside for people to dispose of their bottles without smashing them on the ground as a short term solution. I would ask that this is used for that purpose only."

Anyone who experiences anti-social behaviour should call 101 or report it online on the Wiltshire Police website.