Applications for development from Wiltshire Council (South) received in week ending September 11.

20/07271/CLE, Mayfair Wiltshire Ltd, Alderbury Park Caravan and Camping Site, Southampton Road, SP5 3HB.
Continued use of land as a site for touring caravans with toilet block and office.

20/07291/FUL, Mr T. Pope, 5 Barnard Mews, SP4 7FJ.
Erection of a front porch and a single storey rear extension.

20/07544/TPO, David Quayle, 8 Kickdom Close, SP4 7XB.
T1 - Horse Chestnut - Remove one low limb that extends into garden. Reduce
remaining overhanging canopy by 1m, back to suitable growth points.
T2 - Horse Chestnut - Crown reduce by 2m, back to suitable growth points.

20/07221/FUL, Sarah Badham, 39 Stoke Farthing Knighton Road East North East And North To Junction High Road, SP5 5ED.
Two storey and single storey extensions and associated works.

20/05364/FUL, Miss Sarah Jerrard, 41 The Borough, SP5 3NB.
Replacement of existing shed with new garden room.

20/06449/FUL, Mr Robert Greville-Heygate, Long Close House, Long Close, SP5 3HG.
Construction of new loggia over boundary wall. Amendment to boundary wall (wall originally approved in application 20/02215/FUL).

20/07070/FUL, Mr & Mrs Peebles, Wick Meadow Farmhouse, Mesh Pond, SP5 3NH.
Two-storey extension and single storey porch extension.

20/07802/TPO, Mr Joseph Sutton, 32 Greenacres, SP5 3NG.
Western Cedar - Raise crown by 20% - 2 metres
Scots Pine 2 - Remove selected Branches

20/07023/ADV, Lovell Partnerships Limited, Public Open Space north of 30 Alexander Road, Larkhill, SP4 8FN.
Installation of a public information sign providing information of the Victoria Cross
awardees that the site’s street names are based upon.

20/07307/FUL, Mr and Mrs Hahner, 7 Recreation Road, SP4 8HH.
Proposed single storey rear lean-to extension.

20/05703/FUL, Dr Mehta, 28 Castle Street, SP1 3TE.
First floor extension and loft conversion.

20/07168/FUL, Wicks, 3-5 Albany House, New Street, SP1 2PH. Change of use of building from Class B1 to Class C3 dwelling with no alterations.

20/07219/FUL, Mr A Halls, Land at corner of Roman Road and Pembroke Road, SP2 9DG.
Proposed residential development comprising of 2no. semi detached dwellings with parking.

20/07376/FUL, Jane Brannan, 5 Empire Road, SP2 9DE. 
Extension and conversion of garage to create annexe accommodation and utility room to serve main dwelling and associated works.

20/07133/FUL, Country Car Wash, Land Adjacent Town And Country Motors, Warminster Road, SP2 0QW.
Change of use from car sales area to hand car wash with associated canopies.

20/07187/FUL, Defence Infrastructure Org, 17-30 Lambdown Terrace, Perham Down, SP11 9JN.
External refurbishment and wall insulation works.

20/07356/VAR, Zelda Investments Ltd, Wren House and Lilac Lodge, Clay Street, SP5 2ST.
Variation of Condition 2 of 18/08737/FUL (Two new dwellings).