A NEW bus service, which was introduced and then amended, has now been given the green light to travel through Shaftesbury’s High Street, despite being a pedestrianised zone.

As previously reported, the new X2 bus service linking The Maltings, Shaftesbury town centre and Gillingham railway station started at the beginning of September, but in a sudden U-turn the service was diverted to go around the pedestrianised High Street as a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was not yet in force.

Shaftesbury Town Council has now revealed that the TRO is being amended, following feedback that there was a need for buses to access the High Street.

As a result the bus route is once again able to pick up passengers in this area, with all other restrictions and temporary measures remaining in place.

Starting on Monday, the X2 service is now permitted to travel down the High Street only, as part of a one-way route, at a speed no faster than 5mph.

Dorset Councillor for Shaftesbury Derek Beer said there are several benefits to the X2 returning to the High Street, including a boost in visitors to the area and the importance of public transport in helping tackle the climate emergency.

He added: “I’m really pleased these buses are now bringing people into the area to shop, so far it seems to have been a positive experience.

“A lot of the area was not getting a bus service and now people are which is great, we have a long way to go but these brilliant, clean and safe vehicles are good for the town.”