COUNCILLORS have raised concerns over plans to demolish outbuildings to create three new homes.

The application is seeking outline planning permission for the demolition of existing outbuildings and the erection of three detached homes with parking and landscaping on land of Selwyn on Fryern Court Road in Burgate.

The proposal has been submitted to New Forest District Council (NFDC) by Edgewater Homes.

It was discussed by Fordingbridge Town Council’s planning committee on Wednesday, September 9, which was held online via Zoom.

Councillor John Mouland said: “It is whether we want to allow three more buildings to go up which is in what is becoming quite a built up area around there.”

Councillor Edward Hale said: “To me it seems like quite a squash the way they have put the three houses in that site. I can see possibly two but three houses does seem a lot. They seem to have made them very narrow in order to fit the three together like that. That would be my only concern.”

“I think it is possibly setting a precedent do you squash them in that much,” he added.

Councillor Pat Earth asked whether the council could object on the ground that there were already a lot of houses being built in that area. She also said could the town council suggest two properties instead of three.

Councillor Diane Paton said: “I think we probably would just suggest that it seems overcrowding in that area.”

Councillor Mike Jackson raised concerns over the access point.

Cllr Paton said it was an “awkward position as there is an access there anyway but it is only for one house”, adding: “To suddenly make it for four it is quite a big difference.”

Cllr Hale proposed the council refuse the development on the grounds it was “too many” properties for the site and two homes would seem “more reasonable”. Cllr Paton suggested this should also include the “difficulty of the junction there for that number of vehicle movements”.

The committee voted to recommend refusal.

NFDC as the planning authority will decide whether permission is granted.