A SALISBURY singing coach is using her own experiences of living with anxiety to help others with the launch of her latest confidence programme.

Lilli Badcock, has run Evolution choir for nearly 15 years but after being diagnosed with anxiety decided to set up her own confidence coaching business, which she has been building up since 2015.

“I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2013 and I managed to find ways to still be joyful and still have a life I could love. It didn’t have to define me. That was the big fear when I got that diagnosis,” she said.

Prior to being diagnosed with anxiety Lilli says she found she would “snap and lose her temper” and was “not coping” in situations that would have been very easy to cope with before.

She says “I just didn’t feel myself” and had tests but doctors could not find anything wrong. She later blacked out while driving which prompted her to go back to her doctor, which is when she was diagnosed with anxiety.

After this she tried different things like hypnotherapy, yoga, learning emotional freedom techniques to help, which has led her to setting up her own programme so she can help people going through similar situations.

Lilli admits during lockdown her own mental health has “taken a hit” and wants to help others who have been struggling during this time.

Lilli hopes her confidence programme will give people a “new perspective and a sense of community and hope”.

“I just wanted to share my story and a really honest account. I’m still navigating it, I’m not through it by any means but I think that is what gives me my power. I can really understand somebody when they tell me how they are suffering because I’ve lived it too.”

She says at its worst her anxiety almost made her stop singing, which she says has been her life since childhood.

Once people have bought the programme they can access it for life. There will be a module every week as well as live elements including Q&A. People can also sign up for a free five day taster challenge.

She is launching her next ten module programme on September 28. Go to lillibadcock.com for more information.