PHOTOGRAPHER Alexander Lindsay says all his work is in the “pursuit of wonder” and his latest exhibition brings the landscapes of southern Africa to Tisbury.

He has a new exhibition, Microcosms of Scale - South African Landscapes, which is running at Messums Gallery until October 18.

The series of 25 works vary in scale and all date from 2017 and 2018 when Lindsay was living in Cape Town, travelling to Lesotho and Namibia on month long sojourns.

“All my photography is in the pursuit of wonder,” he says. “People might think being a landscape photographer is tame. But to me, the absolutely real is much more interesting than anything created. I want to pay my respects to nature through creating art from the real.

“My pictures are slices of time; we all live in time that never stands still and a photo gives that time significance. It is such a privilege to be alone - when one is truly alone - in landscapes like these. It’s fantastically exciting.”

One of the most challenging shoots Lindsay did for this latest South African series was for the photograph he took high up in the Drakensberg Mountains.

“I got hideous vertigo climbing the 30-metre-high vertical ladders made just of chains to get to the spot where I took this photograph. If someone else stepped on to the ladders they moved; it was really gruesome,” he recalls.

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