A "FAKE Facebook page" has been set up, pretending to belong to a farm near Salisbury.

Yesterday Cholderton Charlie's farm announced on its social media channels that a page had been launched pretending to belong to the business.

The new page has been sending friend requests to the farm's current Facebook followers and has been advertising giveaways.

A spokesperson from the farm described the new Facebook page, named 'Cholderton Charlies (farm official)', as "fake", which has an aim of directing members to a page where their bank details are requested.

They added that the new page has uploaded the same pictures to its platform as the legitimate account.

A statement from Cholderton Charlie's said: "It has been brought to our attention that a Facebook page has been created that is pretending to be us!

"This page has been reported to Facebook but could we ask that you do not respond to any requests from Cholderton Charlies (farm official)."

The farm is urging other businesses in the area to be aware of potential scammers, and is reminding customers to not give out financial information unless a website is secure.