MORE details have been released about Salisbury's Monopoly game - due to be released in just under two weeks.

The latest city landmark to have its square confirmed is Salisbury Museum, landing on the Angel, Islington space.

“Angel, Islington is the very trendiest location in the game so it’s a big congratulations to Salisbury Museum,” explains George Shrimpton from the Monopoly: Salisbury Edition makers Winning Moves UK.

“Today in real-life Islington is, as everyone knows, chic and trendy. But when Monopoly was conceived, in the 1930s, Angel, Islington was considered far more modest, hence its position in the more affordable section of the board.”

Salisbury Journal:

The Museum will be up for grabs for just one hundred Monopoly dollars.

The Stars Appeal will star on the game, after coming out top in a poll in which the public were invited to suggest, recommend and nominate charities.

Salisbury Journal:

A spokesperson for Winning Moves UK said: "The three Salisbury charity spaces were our way of thanking the public for getting behind the game so very enthusiastically.

"A big congratulations to The Stars Appeal. They secured a huge amount of votes from the public.”

Consultant Surgeon and Chairman of the Stars Appeal Ambassadors Graham Branagan said: “We are delighted to be featuring in the new game and would like to thank everyone who voted for our Hospital charity.

“Our inclusion will raise much needed awareness of the charity’s work helping patients and staff at the Hospital, both during this difficult time and beyond.”

Salisbury Journal:

Several of the Chance and Community Chest cards are Salisbury themed too.

One card will say: "Oops. You accidentally spill your coffee over one of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta – Go To Jail and Do Not Pass GO".

Another will say: "You want to buy some fresh veggies. Go to Charter Market. If you Pass GO, collect M200."

When the game was announced, the public was invited to vote for general landmarks to feature in the game.

Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Old Sarum and Arundells each polled “exceptionally well”, as did Salisbury Racecourse and “everything Stonehenge”.

But the makers say Salisbury Cathedral and Salisbury Guildhall are not only “almost certain” to feature but “extremely likely to be landing on leading squares”.

Mr Shrimpton added: “The game will feature the great and the good of Salisbury – and is in effect A Love Letter to Salisbury.”

The new edition hits the shops on October 14 at all good toy and book stores including Waterstones, The Works, Ryman, WH Smith and online.