A PHOTOGRAPHER is looking for volunteers to feature in a project focusing on mental health and body image.

The photographic series by Laura Dale is called Perfect Imperfections. She will be in Salisbury until October 14.

“This series aims to celebrate what society and culture has so often led us to believe are ‘abnormal’ or ‘imperfect’, our failures or flaws, and instead own them and accept them proudly,” she said.

"In every angle of our lives we are taught by society how to behave and how to look, to strive for so-called perfection and fit into a box of conformity. But who is to say what is expected of us? The pursuit of happiness - to feel belonging, successful or beautiful (whatever that even means!) - is ever changing and therefore unachievable. This paradoxical culture so easily leaves behind a whole host of dangerous feelings in its wake: shame or failure, anxiety or self-hatred. And all too often, loneliness.

“My aim is to challenge these misconceived constructs and unfounded ideals, and instead show off and celebrate our ‘flaws’, no matter how big or small. To empower and unite us in our perfect imperfections. We are real. We are unique. No one has lived the life we have. Our bodies, our minds, they make up our story. And every story is worth telling.

Email laurajanedale@googlemail.com for more information.