It might only be October 1 but for some, the festive cheer is already in the air.

Salisbury resident Tracy Gould is a self-confessed "Christmas freak".

Some of her decorations, including a garland and lights, have been up all year and most of her Christmas shopping has already been done.

Tracy, who lives in York Road, said: "I've got a garland that runs down one of the wooden beams with white cherry lights and that stays there all year. People laugh at me all the time but I like to keep a little bit of Christmas. It's just fun. 

"I've got three grandchildren and they absolutely love coming to my house and seeing the trees and they help put things up. It's just a family thing."

Salisbury Journal: Tracy's tree from last year and left, her garland which is up all year roundTracy's tree from last year and left, her garland which is up all year round

Although she says "it's never too early" to start decorating, the 50-year-old is planning to put her trees up in about four weeks, but joked: "If I could get away [with doing it now] I would".

She usually has one in the dining room, one in the living room, one in the bedroom and a small one in the kitchen.

Being the only woman at work, Tracy is also looking to take over the planning for the Christmas decorations at B&M Windows, where she's been working since January.

"I just love Christmas. I know some people hate it, some people can't be bothered with it but that's not me.

"We deserve a bit of fun after all we've been through this year, we all deserve a bit of laughter and for some nice lights to go up."

If you've already started to decorate your house, we'd love to see your pictures! Email