A COMMUNITY farm in Shaftesbury is celebrating more than 10 years of operating, and is now searching for more ways it can allow residents to get involved with food production and land projects.

First launching on a small site off Breach Lane in 2009, Shaftesbury Home Grown has gone from strength to strength, enabling members of the community to produce food naturally and sustainably by working together in one space, rather than managing individual allotments.

At present members grow fruit and vegetables and keep chickens and bees, getting a discount on produce taken.

Reflecting on the boost of activity on the farm during the Covid-19 pandemic however, as well as concerns about food security, the team now wants to explore how it can “use the land more effectively and play a larger part in Shaftesbury’s community”.

There is already an arrangement with Shaftesbury’s Tree Group who will develop a tree nursery for the town, and with a shepherd who already grazes sheep on part of the land.

So far the provision of courses has been suggested as a new project for the farm, in addition to suggested activities including children events, hedge laying or permaculture, growing plants and flowers for sale and therapeutic gardening.

A separate dye garden and additional livestock has also been proposed.

For more information or to take part in “the future of the farm” email rachel.bodle@gmail.com