Salisbury’s high street is not faring any worse than any other in the country, a businesswoman insists.

Susi Mason, Salisbury BID director and owner of Casa Fina on the High Street, wants to set the record straight on the city’s performance.

Mrs Mason told the Journal: “The high street is in a very difficult position but then again, every city centre is in a similar situation. I don’t think Salisbury is suffering any more than anywhere else across the country. It’s difficult but I’m hoping things will improve if not by Christmas then after.”

A plea has now been issued asking shoppers to support the high street through the winter and calling for landlords of empty units to lower rents.

Since reopening her shop back in June, Mrs Mason says she’s been pleased with the support she has received, adding it’s been better than what she had anticipated.

“Since we reopened we’ve been really busy, we’ve benefitted from having more British tourists in the city that have been keen to buy.

“Going forward, Christmas is a bit of a worry for retailers. People may be reluctant to come shopping when the place is more crowded, that’s why lots of businesses are putting in place online shopping or private appointments before they open.

“All businesses are trying to do the best they can so we plea for people to come out and support us.”

Asked what kind of impact the People Friendly Streets project, due to be implemented next week, will have on trade, she said: “It’s difficult to tell. I hope that the powers above will make changes quickly if it doesn’t work.

"Hopefully it will create a very safe environment and people will come out and feel more comfortable but if it doesn’t, I hope businesses will be listened to.”