COUNCILLORS were "disappointed" that Gillingham's White Hart Market was cancelled the day of its first event, after a tyre on the trailer carrying all the kit burst in the early hours.

Moving forward, the authority is now looking forward to the Christmas version of the event, due to be held on December 12 in the High Street, with around 30 traders already booked.

Organised by the town team and the Anonymous Travelling Market, the new monthly event had hoped to bring more people and traders to the town and “bring some life back into the High Street”.

Town team member and Councillor Mike Gould said "it was a pain" the event could not go ahead on Sunday, adding: "It was very disappointing, a lot of people had turned up for it.

"I had not known the trailer had broken down until 9am, we could have bailed [the organisers] out and brought them if we knew. We did see if the market could return before the Christmas event but it was the case of sorting out a weekend.

“This market was key for getting things going but it has failed which is unfortunate for the town. I hope people will attend the Christmas market as this is an opportunity for Gillingham to expand and encourage more people to visit.”

Mayor of Gillingham Barry von Clemens added: “I along with so many others were of course disappointed when due to unforeseen circumstances the market had to be cancelled.

“For a long time, we as a town have been looking forward to the day a market returned to Gillingham but we look forward to the next date in December, and I hope that despite the disappointment expressed by many of our local community everyone will turn out and welcome them to our High Street.”