LAUNCHING a “delightful scheme” at Gillingham School is just one of the reasons the mother of a famous police officer will be remembered, while creating a “wonderful legacy” for the family.

Queenie Fletcher died at the beginning of September but will be “greatly missed” for what she did in the Blackmore Vale community for students.

Her daughter Yvonne, pictured below, in the course of her duties as a police officer, was shot outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984, creating an international incident that remains unsolved. Mr and Mrs Fletcher never found out who had killed their daughter.

Salisbury Journal:
Yvonne Fletcher - Picture from Press Association

One year later, the couple set up the Fletcher Enterprise Award at Gillingham School, where Yvonne had been a student, to offer other students financial backing in projects, hobbies and ideas.

From building a skatepark to securing sport equipment, vehicles and tuition fees for future internships, the main objective of the award is to “improve the life of a student in some way,” said Emma Vallender, a governor who managed the Fletcher award.

She said: “With this delightful scheme about, it is lovely to see how enthusiastic the students get, the things they aim to achieve with the help of this award is just amazing.

“Some pupils would invent something and others wanted to use the sum to help with activities they already do.”

The venture also encourages students to fundraise and seek support from the community.

“Through these causes our students are able to launch detailed projects and this award helps them to love and do exceptional things,” Emma added.

Mr and Mrs Fletcher would come to Gillingham School each year to interview potential award winners and shortlist applicants down to five.

Emma added: “They were just the sweetest couple and I’m pleased to say the award will continue here at the school - it’s such a wonderful legacy for the family.

“It keeps the memory of Yvonne alive as well, who aspired to be a police officer and went and achieved that goal. We will continue talking about this and what happened.”

Following the news about Mrs Fletcher, mayor of Gillingham Barry von Clemens said: “Queenie Fletcher did so much for so many during her life including the Fletcher Enterprise Award.

"It has enabled young people at Gillingham School to gain so many benefits from the projects and activities that the scheme has given grants to. She will be greatly missed.”