A BLANDFORD woman has taken her story of overcoming anxiety and depression to paper, as part of a new book exploring the lives of 16 women.

Claire Maynard was asked by the Femalepreneurs Academy to include a chapter in ‘The Elevation of The Femalepreneur’, in a bid to help spread mental health awareness and show anything is possible.

The 39-year-old’s chapter, around 2,500 words in length, shares a story of suicide and overcoming depression.

“We have all had struggles or adversity, either personal or professional, and this book will demonstrate how we overcame it to get where we are,” Claire said.

“Being a part of this felt quite inspirational, there is a lot in there about mental health and how we can keep going and succeed.

"[Mental health] is such a huge issue which has finally come to light, and with [the Covid-19] lockdown people are at home and feel on their own. This book will show they are not.

“[It was] harder than I thought going back and revisiting things from the past, it was quite emotional but therapeutic because it makes you realise how far you have come.”

Claire said she “jumped at the chance” to be a collaborator on the project alongside authors from all over the globe.

All of the featured women, some writing from as far away as Australia and America, were invited to contribute to the book as a “celebration of women entrepreneurs and business owners,” Claire added.

This is the second volume in the ‘Femalepreneur’ series, with the previously published edition detailing the lives of 12 women who had overcome challenges and business hardship.

Talking to the Journal ahead of the latest book’s release, Claire said this was her first time writing for a project like this, after working with Femalepreneurs Academy during online coaching sessions.

She said: “I had done mindset work and development work which helped me to get where I am and get over stuff, and that involved working with the Femalepreneurs Academy.

"It’s exciting and nerve racking, [the writing] feels familiar as I work a lot on other media, like a blog all around mindset, motivation and inspiration, and the response is always so amazing. It reminds you it is not just you.

“I’m not afraid to talk about my experiences but I think it will really sink in when I see the [physical] copy.”

‘The Elevation of The Femalepreneur’ will be available from October 21.