A Wiltshire councillor has responded to calls on social media for a bypass to be built in Salisbury.

The conversation was started by a Twitter user who shared news of a £135m bypass at Melksham.

'Umm would like one for Salisbury!," he commented, to which Cllr Bridget Wayman, Cabinet Member for Highways, replied: "Working on it."

She added: "Highways England will be doing a study of N/S routes from M4 to south coast to establish best route and need for investment for improvements. Working on Westbury bypass too, but that may take a while. Building roads is not a quick process."

The debate around the construction of a bypass to ease congestion around Salisbury has rumbled on for decades. 

Fresh calls for the project were made when the People Friendly Streets scheme was first announced earlier this year, following concerns the vehicle-free scheme wouldn't work without a bypass.

However, the concerns were dismissed by Wiltshire Council who previously said funding was not available.