The chairman of Wiltshire Police Federation has paid tribute to Nick Bailey and the way he and his family coped with the Novichok poisonings of March 2018.

The former detective sergeant announced today that he was leaving Wiltshire Police over the impact the Novichok incidents had on his mental health.

Mark Andrews, Chairman of Wiltshire Police Federation said what happened to Nick, who fell ill after coming into contact with the nerve agent, was "unprecendented" and something "I hope will never happen to any other police officer or any other British citizen again".

In a statement, he said: "It’s really sad for me personally to hear of Nick’s leaving. Nick was the victim of a terrible crime, he is a personal friend of mine and a valued colleague of ours at Wiltshire Police Federation. I know he’ll be missed by every police officer who he has come into contact with through his service. 

"What happened to Nick is unprecedented and I hope will never happen to any other police officer or any other British citizen again. I can only hope that one day the offenders will be brought to justice and Nick will be able to rest knowing that."

Mr Andrews added: "I’ve always been impressed with how Nick and his family managed what they went through. I know both physically and mentally it’s been tough, but Nick showed the real resilience of an excellent police officer by continuing to fight.

"He showed this in the money he has raised for Salisbury Hospital doing his half marathons and the support he has given to his colleagues who also went through this incident. I’m very proud of how he’s behaved, I’m very proud of him and I’m very proud of how his family have got him through. We wish Nick and his family all the very best."

Since the news was announced, hundreds of people shared messages of support for Nick and his family.