Police have issued a warning following reports of vehicles parked on cycle lanes.

The controversial lanes have recently been installed to facilitate cycling around the city. But some have criticised them due to the consequent removal of on-street parking and loading bays.

A number of vehicles have been spotted illegally parked within the lanes, including one on October 21.

A spokesperson from Wiltshire Police said: "This vehicle (pictured) parked within the mandatory cycle lane outside Cathedral View, Exeter Street, despite the presence of bollards and double yellow lines. The driver had to drive along the pavement to get to this location.

"The actions of this driver endangered pedestrians by mounting the pavement, and caused an obstruction for cyclists who then had to enter the carriageway in order to get past."

PC Mark Douglas said: "These cycle lanes have been put in place to ensure those using bikes in our city centre can do so safely – we must all share the road space safely. We will take formal action against anyone who fails to adhere to the rules."