PARENTS are being asked to wear face coverings at drop off and collection times, as are visitors.

The request has come from Wimborne Academy Trust, which includes Emmanuel CE Middle School, Verwood CE First School and Hillside First School. The request regarding drop offs and collections is for the First schools and face coverings for visitors is at all schools in the Trust.

Students and teachers at middle and upper schools will be asked to wear face coverings as they move between lessons.

Liz West, the chief executive officer of the Trust, said: “I am extremely pleased that schools are remaining open during this new lockdown. As a trust we believe that schools are the best places for children to be and we have worked extremely hard to make ours Covid safe.

“To further help restrict the spread of the virus we have requested that our middle and upper school students wear a face covering as they move between lessons. As teaching staff will. We are also requesting that parents at drop-off and collection and school visitors also wear face coverings and observe social distancing. We believe this is a proportionate response to the Covid threat and will help keep our schools open.”