The mum of a little boy with Down's Syndrome has hit out at Emmerdale's soon-to-be-aired pregnancy termination storyline.

The popular ITV soap is to feature the story of Laurel and Jai, played by Charlotte Bellamy and Chris Bisson, who decide to end their pregnancy after finding out their baby has Down's Syndrome.

Kirsty Safe, 37, whose three year old son Keldan lives with the condition, feels the producers' decision will reinforce the stigma she and other parents have long campaigned to get rid of.

The mum-of-five who lives in Ludgershall said: "It's opened a big can of worms in the Down's Syndrome community and a lot of people are trying to turn it into a pro-life campaign but this is not about abortions, it has absolutely nothing to do with that.

"I read an article about the producers saying the storyline was going to be the termination of a pregnancy and from that Down's Syndrome came into it but why choose Down's Syndrome? Why not just a termination?

"Everyone knows there's a 90 per cent termination rate for babies with Down's Syndrome so them doing this episode sort of reinforces the stigma."

Salisbury Journal: Kirsty with her son KeldanKirsty with her son Keldan

Whether or not to keep a baby with an extra chromosome is "a personal choice" and ultimately, "you have to do what's right for you".

However, Kirsty says she wishes parents were given unbiased information to allow them to make informed decisions.

"As a mum you're given so many leaflets about termination but that's not the only option, they make it sound like it's all negative, that it's all doom and gloom but it's not like that."

She added: "My son is three and a half years old and in some ways it's been easier with him than with my other children.

"He's so happy and loving. He's got his temper like any other child but he's an absolute delight."

After finding out about Emmerdale's storyline, Kirsty wrote to ITV to call for a rethink arguing the plot will send out the message that the lives of people with Down's Syndrome are not worthy.

However, ITV producers have already defended their decision.

A spokesperson from ITV said: "Viewers who watch Emmerdale will know Rhona and Marlon have a much loved son, Leo. Leo has Down’s Syndrome and for the last nine years he’s been on screen portraying a happy, fun-loving boy who is very much wanted and cared for by his parents and family.

"After much consideration and extensive research, Emmerdale decided to tell the story of Laurel and Jai and their choice to terminate their pregnancy.

"The full context of Laurel and Jai’s story will be portrayed in detail in forthcoming episodes, because understandably the couple only reach this heart-breaking decision after much soul-searching. "Emmerdale felt the story of thousands of couples who make this choice every year, feeling unable to talk about it, needed to be told."

The controversial story is due to start on November 30.