RESIDENTS in Fordingbridge have rated the roads as “poor or very poor”.

The mayor, Councillor Edward Hale, said councillors had been reviewing responses to Fordingbridge Town Council’s open spaces survey.

Speaking at a meeting of the town council last week, he said: “From the meeting there is quite a bit the town council can do to improve the facilities for residents and we can work on those.”

Cllr Hale said there were requests for improved walking routes, cycleways and more facilities on the open spaces. But he admitted many of the responses related to items that the town council could not do anything about.

“The worrying fact is that 74 per cent of residents have rated the roads as poor or very poor with many of the main roads through the town specifically mentioned,” he added.

“There was criticism of the obstructions around street lights and the poor state of footpaths. Residents stated they felt Fordingbridge is neglected by Hampshire County Council and New Forest District Council in terms of funding and action.

“Whilst the town council is keen to try and do what we can to respond to what our residents have said obviously there are things outside of our control.”

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Cllr Hale said he hoped he could work with the town’s county and district councillors on how to respond to these items.

District councillor Ann Sevier said: “It is very difficult because roads are county [council maintained].”

She added: “It is actually difficult to actually think to ourselves what else you would want the district council to do. We have got new loos, they were put in a little while, the new car park set up, you have got a great litter picker to keep the place tidy.”

Cllr Sevier said ideas would need to be discussed and whether funding was available.

Councillor Anna Wilson said a “main concern” was the pavements around the town, adding: “They are seriously damaged from heavy lorries in the high street mounting the pavement and just general neglect.”

Cllr Sevier said a request could be made to get someone to come out and “make an assessment”. She said: “We can ask someone to come out and look at our pavements out here and see what standard they are and whether they need more attention.”