DESPITE wide speculation, Wiltshire Council has confirmed to the Journal that the closure of the City Hall remains temporary.

As previously reported, the authority deemed it "a sensible option" to suspend the current programme of events, scheduled to begin again at the Malthouse Lane site next year, with the Covid-19 pandemic putting increased financial pressures on the council.

It added it will look to reopen the venue when the industry "is on a surer footing".

One month on, some Salisbury residents are beginning to suspect that this is not the case, suggesting the arts venue will remain closed indefinitely.

After asking the authority however, a spokesperson for Wiltshire Council has confirmed it is still a temporary closure.

When asked about staff and redundancies, the authority said it cannot confirm details but it is currently working through the redundancy process for some staff, or for those who wish to be redeployed, trying to find them a suitable position where possible.

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