A GROUP that was set up against the People Friendly Streets initiative is celebrating Wiltshire Council's decision to suspend the scheme indefinitely.

The recently installed traffic scheme will stop at the end of the month, Wiltshire Council has today (November 20) announced.

The authority said it follows a meeting when city councillors refused to confirm support for the scheme moving forwards.

Facebook group 'SOS- Save Our Salisbury', now with more than 2,000 members, was created at the end of October.

A spokesperson for the group said it is "great that Wiltshire Council has listened to the voices of thousands of people who live and work in Salisbury and understand what makes it tick".

The spokesperson added: "It's a shame that money was spent on this scheme without a more comprehensive public consultation to ensure that it had community-wide support.

"We all want to see a greener Salisbury, and the team behind the Facebook campaign would be very happy to work with both local authorities to achieve this.

"Now we must all get behind our local businesses and ensure that they have a successful Christmas when they are allowed to reopen."

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