A SALISBURY musician has released a new single to boost funds to support the Armed Forces community.

Anna Baines penned It’s Easy back in January, which is available to download. It was launched on November 11 as a way to mark remembrance and raise money for SSAFA.

The 24-year-old, who grew up in Downton before moving to London and later returning to live in Salisbury, said: “I was supposed to release it ages ago but didn’t really have the confidence to do it. Because of remembrance I was looking for a way to mark the day. My partner is in the military and I just wanted to mark it in a nice way and hopefully raise some money for the armed forces community.”

Anna, who studied music at Goldsmiths university in London, wrote and produced the track herself and worked remotely with a friend in Seattle to mix and master it during lockdown.

She has released songs before when she was 18.

Anna, who works as a public relations officer for SSAFA, says her inspiration for the song came after her partner went away with the army. She wrote a song and sent it out to him.

“It was just a little demo. It wasn’t this version of it. It was even more acoustic than it is now. It was just a nice thing to send to him while he was away that he could listen to," she said.

The fundraising single is a way of Anna combining her two passions - working for the charity and making music.

Salisbury Journal:

Anna hopes to record more music in the future, adding: “I feel really happy to have released the single. It feels really nice to be able to share something that is just a bit of fun in a not so fun time.”

“It is really nice to have a focus and to help other people - that is really important to me. I know the good work that SSAFA does and i see that first hand by speaking to people parents and veterans being helped,” she added.

In just under a year, Anna is aiming to raise £2,500 for SSAFA. Her cut of the proceeds of It’s Easy will go towards her fundraising efforts until June, when she will take on a five-day trek in the Balkans to complete her fundraising journey.

The five day trek will take her through Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

“It is a huge target, I don’t know if I will reach it, but I hope that I do,” said Anna.

It’s Easy is available to download for 79p by clicking on Apple Music: https://linktr.ee/annabaines

To support Anna further with her fundraising efforts, donate at justgiving.com/fundraising/annabaines5