A TISBURY author has written a book to encourage children to turn their anxieties and fear into power.

Erin Page has written ‘Freckle - The Child Whose Fear Became Her Superpower’ in response to how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected children.

The author had previously worked with children and their anxiety and felt forced to act when the virus outbreak accelerated the issue.

The aim of the book is to explain the function of fear, alongside educating younger people how to transform negative feelings into something positive and powerful.

“There is a huge increase in children being diagnosed with anxiety. Fear is a natural and crucial emotion; it keeps us safe and empowers us to act. Yet our children are being damaged by their fears rather than understanding them,” Erin said.

She added: “We need to ensure that our children emerge from this pandemic confident at handling their fear and empowered by it.”

Illustrated by Claudia Aaron, also of Tisbury, the book can be bought from high street book retailers and superfreckle.com