A FORDINGBRIDGE councillor says dog fouling is “dreadful” in areas of the town.

Concerns were raised about problems with dog fouling during a meeting of Fordingbridge Town Council, which was held online over Zoom on Wednesday, December 2.

Councillor Pat Earth said: “Can I just bring up the old problem of dog fouling again. It is really, really bad through The Bartons to the top of Green Lane.”

She said despite notices been put up “it was still dreadful”

“Again it has come with the darker evenings,” added Cllr Earth. “The fouling is all around the dog bin, which is ridiculous.”

Deputy mayor, Councillor Anna Wilson added: “It is right the way through to the allotments. I have put a notice by every pile that I’ve found.”

“I honestly don’t know what you do.”

Cllr Wilson told the meeting that within about two hours of putting one of the signs up “someone tore it down and threw it in the river”.

Cllr Earth said: “Because it is so dark you don’t see it. It is in the middle of the pavement. It is really bad.”

Councillor Edward Heron, who is Hampshire County councillor for Fordingbridge and also a New Forest District councillor, suggested that the town council raise the issue with the district council’s dog warden.

He added: “It is incredibly difficult to catch people because you have got to be there in the instance and if there is a dog warden there of course they pick it up."

Cllr Wilson said: “It is in a quite contained area. You can see they are all heading for the water meadow.”

Cllr Earth added: “There is no need for it. It is just because it’s dark and they think no-one can see them, they don’t bother.”

Mayor, Councillor Edward Hale said there were dog poo bins in that area and there was “no excuse” He added: “If we could ask ask the dog warden to come to the town more perhaps that will deter them.”