A Salisbury Tesco worker has been found guilty of murdering his wife and daughter at their home on a quiet residential street in the city.

Marcin Zdun, 40, killed his wife Aneta, also 40 and daughter Nikoleta, 18 at their home in Wessex Road by cutting their throats.

Both died at the house in the afternoon of June 1 after suffering “catastrophic” and “non-survivable” injuries.

Today (December 17), a jury at Winchester Crown Court returned a ‘guilty’ verdict ruling Zdun intended to kill the pair and was not suffering from an abnormality of mental functioning while doing so.

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Marcin Zdun murder trial so far

Salisbury Journal:

False suspicions of affair

During the two-week trial, the court heard of difficulties in the marriage between Aneta and the defendant.

Zdun wrongly suspected the support worker at Wessex Care had been cheating on him with one of his colleagues at the Tesco store on Southampton Road.

He thought everyone at work knew about the affair and were making fun of him.

His daughter Nikoleta, a student at Wiltshire College, would always support her mum, the court heard, and the defendant did not like the closeness of Aneta and Nikoleta’s relationship.

He felt his wife was turning her against him.

Zdun also claimed Aneta would always let Nikoleta do what she wanted without consulting with him and that the two of them were always “laughing at him” and pushing him out of the marriage.

The jury previously heard Zdun would also complain about the house being untidy and the fact he believed Aneta was spending too much money.

Violence before the murder

His jealous and possessive behaviour gave rise to a number of incidents of domestic violence, including one on April 3, after which he was kicked out of the family home.

His wife had told a friend she had been strangled though this is disputed by Zdun who told the court he “shook her a bit on the floor”.

Day of murder

On June 1, two days after agreeing to a divorce, Zdun returned to Wessex Road with a lock knife in his pocket as well almost £1,000 and his passport.

Within minutes of him arriving at the house, Aneta and Nikoleta were dead.

The trial heard how the sound of children screaming alerted neighbours to the ghastly crime.

Throughout the trial, Zdun claimed to have no memory of what happened that afternoon but did accept killing his wife and daughter.

The jury found he understood his actions by finding him guilty of murder.

Zdun will be remanded in custody.

He is due to be sentenced tomorrow (December 18).