A Salisbury Tesco worker who murdered his wife and teenage daughter out of jealousy and anger has been jailed for life.

Marcin Zdun, 40, was found guilty of murder yesterday (December 17) following a two-week trial at Winchester Crown Court.

While being sentenced today (December 18), a judge told him he would serve a minimum of 34 years behind bars.

Even after the minimum term is served, Zdun will not be released "unless and until" a parole board decides it is safe to do so, his sentence said.

Mr Justice Chamberlain added: "If you are ever released you will remain on licence for the rest of your life."

UPDATE - Family's pain and 'nightmares' after dad killed pair in front of children

The supermarket worker who worked nights in the store on Southampton Road killed his wife Aneta, 40, and daughter Nikoleta, 18 at their home.

Both died at the house on Wessex Road in broad daylight on the afternoon of June 1 after having their throats slit by the defendant.

Neighbours heard children's screams after the horrific killings and nearby workmen held Zdun down as he tried to flee, before the police arrived.

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How the Salisbury murder trial unfolded 

Victims were 'terrified' of controlling Zdun

The jury involved in Zdun’s trial heard about the father-of-three’s controlling and possessive behaviour which caused his family to be “terrified” of him.

Aneta, a support worker at Wessex Care, had kicked him out of the family home after an incident of domestic violence in which the prosecution claims the defendant strangled his wife.

Zdun had convinced himself that Aneta had been sleeping with another man, fellow Tesco worker Martin Punter, and that everyone at work knew about this and had stopped talking to him.

Mr Punter denied the affair saying he did not know Aneta.

BELOW IMAGE: Victims Nikoleta and Aneta 

Salisbury Journal:

Killer felt family were 'laughing' at him

In the months leading up to the deadly attack, Zdun’s suspicions and conspiracy theories had become worse.

He suspected his daughter Nikoleta, a student at Wiltshire College, was also involved in the affair.

He grew to not tolerate the closeness of the relationship between his wife and eldest daughter, claiming Aneta used to let Nikoleta do whatever she wanted without consulting with him.

He felt Aneta was turning her against him, the court heard, and that the two of them were “laughing at him” in the house whenever he complained about the house being untidy.

'He's a psycho'

In messages to her mum, Aneta had confessed she feared his husband, who’d begun locking himself in the bedroom to drink during the day, might kill her and the children.

“He’s a psycho,” she said.

Two days before the murders, Zdun, who by then had moved into lodgings on Rawlence Road, agreed to a divorce.

However, he returned to the house on June 1 carrying a lock knife in his pocket, almost £1,000 and his passport.

Within minutes of his arrival on the Salisbury street, Aneta and Nikoleta were dead.

Neighbours and workmen who witnessed the “horrific spectacle” alerted the police and chased Zdun along Kelsey Road, detaining him until officers arrived.

Unanimous guilty verdict

During the trial, Zdun claimed to have no recollection of what he did that afternoon.

His defence argued he is suffering from a delusional disorder which affected his ability to make a rational judgement.

However, this argument was rejected by the jury who returned a unanimous guilty verdict.