A303 traffic is a "disgrace" directly affecting the lives of local residents, according to a passionate letter from a reader.

The letter argues for urgent action to dual the A303, to end gridlock on the key road.

But it also opposes the Stonehenge tunnel plan, approved by the Transport Secretary recently.

Here's the reader's letter in full:

'A303 traffic is a disgrace'

Further to your article on the A303 Stonehenge Tunnel, my family and businesses will directly benefit from this golden opportunity.

I am 110% in the John Glen corner and I fully support the bypassing of Stonehenge and Winterbourne Stoke my village and the dualling of the A303.

It’s an utter no brainer and so desperately needed for the South West and Wiltshire’s economy and my village. 

It’s a disgrace that Stonehenge and our community is still blighted by the A303. 

The talk needs to stop. We just need to stop the talking and just do it and the sooner the better. Let’s start it in 2021. Why does it need to wait till 2023?

However I do not support the tunnel which is an utter waste of money and not needed or wanted by the majority. 

A cutting to the south following natural topography would be quicker, cheaper and more importantly would find any history which could be put on display.

A tunnel will find virtually nothing of historic interest and cost at least £1 billion by the time it’s built.

It’s fine for James Holland stuck in his nice house in his quiet south Wiltshire village but he does not have to put up with the 4-8 mile traffic jams and pollution and rat runs spoiling our Wiltshire villages and our local communities.

It’s utter gridlock for tourists and businesses and wastes hours of people’s lives - it’s an utter economic disaster.

The economic dividend for the South West and Wiltshire’s tourism industry will repay the cost of dualling the A303 many times over in just a few years.

I mean it really is unbelievable that the major trunk road to the South West is still single carriageway in 2020!

Kind regards

William Fox Grant