A CODFORD author has published a new book, Courage Above All Things - Behind Enemy Lines.

Courage Above All Things tells stories of courage and endurance from both World Wars through to Palestine, Korea and Suez. From fighting behind enemy lines in North Africa, Europe, the Middle and the Far East, to bravery on the battlefields from Normandy to the Reichswald Forest, in the air with Bomber Command and beneath the sea with Naval Clearance divers and in the Burmese jungle with Orde Wingate’s Chindits and in the desert with 51 Commando and The Special Interrogation Group.

The stories also go behind the wire in the Prison Camps of Italy, Germany, Poland and Borneo. The book tells of survival against all odds and the resilience of the human spirit.

Author Romy Wyeth says she was particularly inspired by Dov Cohen and wanted to tell his story. Dov served in the Pioneer Corps, the Palestine Regiment, 51 Commando, Special Interrogation Group and the Jewish Brigade. He was mentioned twice in dispatches and was awarded the Military Medal. He was also one of the organisers of an “underground railway” making numerous trips to Poland to help hundreds of refugees.

Romy said: “I thought he was just such a brave man and deserved to be known outside of Israel. I really wanted to tell his story. I thought it was a story that should be told.”

Her book features a range of stories including those of people from the Salisbury area.

She added: “It is amazing how so many people around have got stories to tell and no-one asks them.”

“Every one of the book’s 15 chapters is a complete standalone story so it’s an ideal book to dip into.”

It is available at Rocketship Bookshop in Salisbury, Smith’s Budgens, Codford, Wylye Post Office and Crockerton Garden Centre, Warminster.