A MASS of tyre tracks were left behind on Hyde Common causing damage to the land. 

The damage was to an area of land which is used as a cricket pitch and also a play area for children at Hyde Primary School is believed to have happened on Christmas Eve or during the early hours of Christmas Day. 

Hyde Common is owned by Hampshire County Council and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

The council's executive member for recreation, heritage, countryside and rural affairs, Councillor Edward Heron, said: “I can confirm that the cricket pitch at Hyde Common, land owned by the County Council, was damaged by a vehicle. Our understanding is that this incident took place either on Christmas Eve or the early hours of Christmas Day. 

“This is a popular area that is used by many people and it is very disappointing that a small minority of people have ruined the enjoyment of it for others. We are working closely with Hyde Parish Council following this incident to repair the damage.”

Hyde Parish Council chairman, Councillor Ann Sevier says the damage had angered residents in the village and will not only impact on the cricket club but also the children at the primary school who play there as the ground has been "churned up". 

"Not only has it affected the cricket club because it is their outfield but it is not fair on the school because it is where the children play and kick a ball about. It affects the grazing because it is an SSSI. It is just an all round disaster," said Cllr Sevier. 

"We are not happy. We are looking out for the people that have done this."
She has urged residents in the village to note down the registrations of any suspicious vehicles seen in the area of Hyde Common and report them to the parish clerk.