A NEW book has been published looking back at railway stations in Porton and delving into their history.

Reminiscences of Porton Railway Station, the Railway Cottages and the Porton Camp Light Railway has been written by Terry Grace.

“My inspiration for writing the Porton book is that someone asked me to write an article for the Idmiston Parish newsletter. I very soon realised I had a lot of memories and information, and so expanded it into book, into which I put a lot of history of the station and the Porton light railway,” said Terry.

Describing what readers can expect, Terry said: “Readers can expect some of my personal memories, and a researched history.”

This is not the first book he has written as he explains: “It always feels good to have published a book. I have written two other books , one with a co-author (Maggie Wilson), and these also are local interest. The first was called Airy Somethings, and is a biography of the pioneer aviator Horatio Barber, who was the first person to fly from Larkhill, and was the 5th Englishman to fly. My second book is called Stonehenge, Sheds and Sun-Gaps and is about the the aeroplane sheds at Larkhill, and how Stonehenge affected their positioning.”

He added: “The experience of writing a book is many fold, the research for me is always enjoyable but the writing can be a slog, and one has to knuckle down sometimes and get on with it. The recent lockdowns helped me to get the Porton book finished.”

Terry has plans for his next project - a book about the bus service of the Porton area, which he says is in its early stages.

His latest book is available online at Amazon and will also be available locally.

All proceeds from the book are going to the Amesbury History Centre where Terry is a volunteer.