These pictures show the start of the vaccination process in South Wiltshire earlier this week.

They portray those in priority groups, such as people aged 80 or above, and frontline medical staff, who got the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech jab in Wilton's Michael Herbert Hall and Tidworth Leisure Centre.

Barbara Francis, 88, received the vaccine in Tidworth on Friday (January 8).

Afterwards she said: “I couldn’t sleep last night because I was overthinking it, but now I feel great and can’t wait until my daughter gets it.”

Elaine Winifred Sainsbury, 82, also getting the jab, said: “I feel fine, it didn’t hurt!”

And Margery Adey, from Shipton Bellinger 90 added: “It’s really important to get the vaccine, I would tell everyone not to be silly and just to get on and get it when its offered.”

More vaccination sites are going to be set up in the next few days, the local CCG said, as the programme is ramped up.