Covid-19 cases in Wiltshire seem to be "particularly higher" in those aged between 20 and 29, the county's public health boss said.

In the latest weekly period 1,811 infections were reported in the Wiltshire Council area - that's almost three times the figure for the week ending on Christmas Day.

The increase is believed to have been caused by the new, more infectious, variant which has been spreading faster among younger people.

Speaking during a media briefing on Tuesday (January 12), Kate Blackburn, the director for public health for Wiltshire Council, said: "The new variant is much more transmissible and that is demonstrated by the upsurge of recent local cases.

"Locally they are currently particularly higher in 20-29 year olds so we urge everyone within that age range to ensure they do everything they can to protect themselves and limit the contact they have with other people."

The increase in coronavirus cases in 20-29 year olds in Wiltshire reflects what's been happening nationally.

Mrs Blackburn said the reasons for this are "manifold".

It could be because people in that age group are "more likely" to have jobs they can't do from home or because they might think they aren't as severely impacted by the virus and therefore are not abiding by the rules.

It is also possible that the increase might be down to younger people working in hospitals or care homes who have access to weekly testing, the council's health boss said.

Although the county's case rate "is starting to slow", Mrs Blackburn said, "it is too early to say that that is the trend" and the next two weeks are going to be "critical".