Families in Salisbury have been sharing pictures of the food parcels they have received as part of the free school meal scheme.

The Government has promised to investigate after images shared online on Monday night (January 11) showed “woefully inadequate” free school meal parcels sent to families.

Since then, a number of parents in Salisbury spoke out to report similar issues, including a mum who received a parcel containing very little food that her son could actually eat.

Salisbury Journal:

Chantelle Large, who received the parcel pictured above, said: "This is my son's food box for 5 days... I’m grateful but the school is aware of my son's dietary issues so why give me this when all he can eat out of it is x2 apples, cucumber and a banana."

Ms Large clarified that her son, who only eats plain-coloured food, is being tested for autism.

Another parent shared a photo of the parcel below saying it's an adequate lunch while Dionne Cobb refused to receive one from her daughter's school after being shown a "shocking" offering.

Salisbury Journal:

However, it's not all doom and gloom.

Leanne Miller-Cobb said she had just received a "huge" parcel from St Andrew's in Laverstock.

She said: "My daughter's school dropped off a huge bag of food on Monday for us. They are amazing!"

Salisbury Journal:

Wiltshire Council has responded to the issues above, you can see the council's full response HERE.

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