Wiltshire Council has responded to photos shared by families in Salisbury of near-empty food parcels sent to children learning from home.

The row over the quality of food parcels, sent out instead of £30 vouchers, erupted last night (January 11) after a parent took to Twitter to post pictures of the “woefully inadequate” box she had received.

The Government has since promised to investigate after parents all over the country started to speak out over similar issues.

In Salisbury, a number of families shared photos of their food parcels.

In one instance, a mum said her son could only eat two apples, a cucumber and a banana out of the items she had received, due to her child's dietary requirements being ignored.

Wiltshire Council said it doesn't want any child to go hungry. But ultimately, it is the responsibility of schools to arrange the provision of food parcels.

Here's Wiltshire Council's full response:

Cllr Laura Mayes, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Children, Education and skills said: “We do not want any child in Wiltshire to go hungry and we are supporting schools to ensure they are aware of all the options for providing Free School Meals available to them.

“Free School Meal catering provision is arranged by schools and they must comply with food standards. The Government has provided guidance on what should go into Free School Meal parcels for a child’s lunch for five days. School governors should be monitoring the standard of Free School Meal parcels provided by their school.

“If parents have concerns about the Free School Meal parcels provided, they should contact their child’s school.”