The extent to which Covid cases and rates have risen in the Salisbury area in the past two weeks has been recorded by a Government map.

Based on Public Health England data, the interactive tool on the Government coronavirus dashboard shows the number of cases and rates in a particular area in England over a weekly period.

These small areas are called Middle Super Output Areas (MSOAs) and have an average population of 7,200.

The colour-coded map illustrates the prominence of coronavirus in each MSOA based on the rolling rate of new cases per 100,000.

Here is a breakdown of all the colours used and what they mean:

  • White: suppressed (fewer than 3 infections)
  • Yellow: 0 – 9
  • Light green: 10 – 49
  • Dark green: 50 – 99
  • Light blue: 100 – 199
  • Dark blue: 200 – 399
  • Light purple: 400 – 799
  • Dark purple: 800+

The screenshot below shows the situation in the week to December 25 2020.

Salisbury Journal:

In the week after, the seven days to January 1, here is what the map looked like:

Salisbury Journal:

The most recent data, relating to the week ending on January 8, is represented below:

Salisbury Journal:

The rise in cases and rates, shown on the map, is linked to the new variant of the virus which has been spreading faster among people aged 20-29.

The impact of the loosened restrictions on Christmas Day is now starting to come through so it is likely that data yet to be released shows a further increase.

The map is updated every weekday and can be found HERE.