MORE than 2,000 children across the city have signed up for PE lessons from home, as part of a new initiative.

21 schools from Salisbury are also receiving video lessons from Astrella Primary Stars, “a team of passionate coaches that are looking to inspire children to achieve their potential through coaching and mentoring”.

Jody Rivers, who set up Astrella, are rolling out PE lessons during lockdown via YouTube, completely free of charge.

The lessons, which are uploaded on a Monday morning, take the form of a weekly video of activities and sessions that can be done in the living room, kitchen or garden.

Jody says there is content which be used for five minutes a day once a week, or up to half an hour a day.

The lessons are communicated so that a parent can join in with the children, or leave them to complete themselves.

Over six weeks, the sessions will include moving, throwing and catching, jumping and landing, hand/eye coordination, motor skills (technique to perform a skill), and dance and drama (body shapes and emotions).

To take part, text your child’s name, school and year group along with your name, to 07735 335263 or message Jody Rivers directly.

Children that sign up will also be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win individual prizes as well as e free sports morning or afternoon for their class in the Spring or Summer term.