Salisbury's City Hall has been transformed into a mass vaccination site opening for the first time to patients on Tuesday (January 26).

Those aged 80 or above will be welcomed through the doors of the Wiltshire Council building, which has been closed since March last year, to receive the first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab.

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As they walk in in time for their appointment, they will be invited to sanitise their hands and wear a mask if they haven't got one already.

They will then queue up in the reception area, keeping the two-metre social distance, until they are invited to the pods where the vaccination will take place.

Salisbury Journal: The scene as you enter City HallThe scene as you enter City Hall

Salisbury Journal:

Two pods have been set up in the main hall, each has five stations and two vaccinators.

First, patients will be asked to fill out some paper work after which they can proceed to have the injection and leave the building.

Salisbury Journal: The two podsThe two pods

The entire process is expected to take 10-15 minutes as patients who receive the Oxford jab are not required to stay behind for the 15-minute observation period.

Salisbury Journal: The exitThe exit

Should anyone feel a little dizzy after receiving the vaccine, a number of chairs and beds are available to allow patients to sit or lay down.

However, the NHS are reassuring the public that this was set up purely as a precaution.

The site is expected to operate for long hours, roughly 8am to 8pm. 

Only patients with an appointment can turn up for the jab. Instructions on how to book one are contained in the letters that are being sent out.

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