An elderly woman who had feared she might have missed out on the coronavirus jab, has today received the first dose of the vaccine.

Ceridwen McKoen, 83, made her way to City Hall this afternoon to receive the life-saving injection.

Like other patients, she too commented on how "well-organised" the process was and how "quickly" she had been dealt with at the city centre venue.

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Speaking shortly after being given a dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, she said: "Everybody is very courteous and I said to the fella who's taking notes 'I know you're a volunteer but what do you usually do?'

"He said he was a doctor in the Royal Navy so I felt reassured, I liked to hear that because these doctors when they're at sea, there's nobody else so they have to know what they're doing."

Prior to being invited to City Hall, Mrs Mckoen had begun to fear she had been forgotten, but was quickly reassured when her letter from the NHS came through the post.

"I was afraid I might be missed off because on Sunday Matt Hancock said 3/4 of the over 80s had been done so I thought 'I hope I've not been left out' but I haven't, they are getting everybody done," she said.

Although the large-scale vaccination centre has only just gone live for those aged 80 and above, vaccinations in south Wiltshire have been proceeding well, the NHS says.

Salisbury District Hospital and the four GP-led sites in Wilton, Tidworth, Larkhill and Salisbury Cathedral will run alongside City Hall.

Vaccinations in care homes and in the homes of people who are housebound are also taking place.

Fiona Hyett, Operational Director of the site, said: "What's confusing to people is that in some parts of the country, they may be a little further ahead so they may be going down to the next age range while other areas may not be and that can be confusing and worrying for patients because they think they've been missed out.

"They haven't been missed out, it just takes some time. Different areas have different numbers and different types of population so it just takes time to get through all the systems."

Only those with an appointment should turn up at City Hall.

After receiving the invite from the NHS, people can decide which venue to go to for their jabs based on the options available.

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