News of vaccinations at Salisbury Cathedral has been picked up across the pond.

Stunning photos of the jab rollout in the iconic venue were shared far and wide when vaccinations started, attracting the attention of national news agencies, broadcasters and newspapers.

But it appears the beautiful setting and its renewed spirit of hope have also caught the eye of international news outlets.

The New York Times, one of the most famous newspapers in the world, used a picture of the site, accompanied by the headline 'Music With Medicine' on its front page.

Salisbury Journal: The New York Times front page (Tuesday, January 26 2021)The New York Times front page (Tuesday, January 26 2021)

The aerial shot inside the Cathedral was printed in the issue of Tuesday January 26.

It is captioned: 'Salisbury Cathedral is joining Britain's vaccination drive, with organists playing along'.

Not everyone can say to have had their Covid jab while enjoying the music of the Father Willis organ, hence why Salisbury Cathedral is probably one of the most majestic vaccinating sites in the world.

Many of the patients who have been in recently have been impressed by the efficiency of staff but also the beauty and tranquillity of the Cathedral and its surroundings.

Salisbury Journal: The community vaccination site remains operational by invite-only, alongside other GP-led sites in Wilton, Tidworth and Larkhill, Salisbury District Hospital's hub and the large-scale centre at City Hall.

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