COLD weather alerts remain in place throughout the country, with the Met Office forecasting a further period of "very cold weather".

PHE issued an alert for 6pm Friday, January 29 to 9am on Tuesday, February 2 across the country.

Low temperatures and widespread overnight frost are expected for all regions, with snow also likely on Saturday and Sunday in the Midlands and East of England.

Salisbury weather

The temperature is set to remain very low throughout today, feeling as cold as -2 celcius in the early hours of the morning.

It will reach a high of 4 degrees around 2pm, but will still feel freezing cold.

Todays weather forecast. Source: Met Office

Today's weather forecast. Source: Met Office

Andy Page, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office said: "Cold air from the north will move south across the country over the next few days bringing another spell of cold weather for much of England.

"Overnight frost is expected over the weekend and daytime temperatures will not reach much more than low single figures in some areas. Temperatures will start to recover a little into next week with milder air pushing in slowly from the south-west".

'Remember to check on the vulnerable'

Dr Owen Landeg, a Principal Environmental Public Health Scientist at PHE, said: "As we continue to experience very low temperatures this winter it’s important to remember to check on those who are more vulnerable to cold weather.

"Remind them to heat their home to at least 18 Celsius, 64.4 Fahrenheit and to wear shoes with a good grip if they need to go outside.

"A call or socially distanced doorstep visit to look out for old or frail friends and family, especially if they live alone or with a serious illness, can make all the difference to keeping them well this winter.

"For people struggling to afford heating bills, Simple Energy Advice provides free advice on energy efficiency and national grants that could help to keep you warm and well."

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