PROPOSALS to turn high street units into three flats in Fordingbridge have sparked concerns about “over development” and a lack of parking.

An application seeking a change of use for units 2 and 3 Roman Quay, High Street to create three new homes has been submitted to New Forest District Council by Tygwin Ltd. It was discussed by Fordingbridge Town Council on January 13.

Councillor Alan Lewendon said the units had been a cafe and shop premises previously and that the cafe building would be divided in half to create two separate units of accommodation.

He said they were “very small” and were “stand alone studio flats” but was concerned over the amount of light the lower property would get, which he felt would be “extremely limited”.

He also said there were some worries about losing retail units in the high street.

Councillor Paul Anstey also raised the issue of losing retail shop space, as well as whether the pathway would remain a public footpath as it is now or would be made private.

Cllr Lewendon believed the path would be closed off and also said there would be no parking at the flats.

Cllr Anstey said the town council should state its concern that there was no provision for parking.

Cllr Lewendon said the district council also needed to stress it is not its responsibility to provide overnight parking for people.

Councillor Nobby Goldsmith said they were “trying to squeeze too much into a small area” and would feel better if there were just two new flats proposed in the plans.

While Councillor Pat Earth said the area was prone to flooding and asked if there had been any provision for that.

Councillor Anna Wilson simply said the plans looked like they would provide “very poor accommodation”.

The town council voted to object to the plans due to density, over development, lack of parking, flooding risks and loss of retail units. The application will be considered by New Forest District Council who as the planning authority will make the final decision.