Coronavirus cases across the county have been falling steadily and thanks to a map based on data from Public Health England, we can all see the extent of the decline.

In the past few weeks, lockdown restrictions have brought numbers down in all areas of the country.

Hospital admissions have also been slowing and death figures are decreasing.

England’s chief medical officer told the latest Government briefing that the UK is "past the peak" and "provided people continue to follow the guidelines," all four nations are on the "downward slope". 

But just how much have cases been decreasing locally?

Week on week decline

A map on the government coronavirus dashboard shows the drop of Covid cases and rates week by week.

The interactive tool breaks down infections in England into small areas with a population of around 7,200 called Super Middle Output Areas (MSOAs).

For each MSOA, the map shows the number of cases in the past week, increases or decreases compared to the week before and the rate of cases per 100,000 people.

Areas are colour-coded - yellow and green show the lowest rates, blue and purple the highest.

The week to January 16

Salisbury Journal:

Although numbers had already started to fall, most of Salisbury and south Wiltshire still had very high case rates, above 400 per 100,000.

In Churchfields and East Harnham rates soared to over 800 which is the highest bracket.

The week to January 23

Salisbury Journal:

The following week, while numbers were still high, all MSOAs showed a drop in cases.

Most areas in the north of the county saw rates fall below 200. 

In south Wiltshire fewer hotspots were recorded.

The week to January 30

Salisbury Journal:

Covid cases and rates are now declining in all MSOAs.

The number of infections in north-west areas of the county is extremely low and rates are below 100 per 100,000.

Ramsbury, Ogbournes & Avebury's rate of 34.8 is the lowest in the Wiltshire Council area.

Rates have also been falling in Salisbury and south Wiltshire.

'Past the peak'

In a Downing street press conference, Professor Chris Whitty said the UK is "past the peak" but caution is needed.

He said: “I think that most of my colleagues think we are past the peak. 

“Now that doesn’t mean you could never have another peak. But, at this point in time, provided people continue to follow the guidelines, we’re on the downward slope of cases, of hospitalisations and of deaths, in all four of the nations of the United Kingdom.

“So I think, we do think, at this point, this peak at least, we are past.”

However, Prof Whitty stressed that although rates are coming down, they remain “incredibly high” – and could rise again quickly.

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