CALLS are growing for a new crossing on an “unsafe” stretch of the A338 in Fordingbridge.

Councillor Edward Hale said he had seen appeals on social media for a crossing on the A338 near Surma Valley and Burgate School in order to walk the Avon Valley Path safely.

He said at a meeting of the town council’s general purposes committee: “They are saying that it is very difficult to get across there. I’ve had that problem. I also quite like the idea because it would slow traffic down.”

Councillor Alan Lewendon said a traffic island had previously been suggested. He added: “It is going to become more difficult because we are going to have effectively a three way road there because the road from the Metis Homes estate is going to come out there.”

Ruth Croker, of Ringwood and Fordingbridge Footpath Society, said she had raised issues regarding crossing that road and it was a “very dangerous crossing point” and there needed to be a crossing or traffic island as it was “just not safe”.

Councillor Anna Wilson said it could be looked at as part of the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan and raised with Hampshire Highways.

She also suggested the town council do its own plan.

Councillor Mike Jackson also said the town’s neighbourhood plan would be looking at this.