A STALKER has been given a three year restraining order after leaving his ex-wife and her child feeling "vulnerable and intimidated" following a sustained campaign of harassment.

Kevin Gosling, of East Orchard, Shaftesbury was given an eight week prison sentence for acts of stalking, suspended for two years, meaning he will go to jail if he offends again in that time.

Gosling terrorised his victim over many months, with the prosecution listing acts of stalking including following her, parking near her home, sending unwanted shopping and photos, and approaching her son at a bus stop.

Salisbury Magistrates’ heard on February 12 that the stalking offences took place between February and August in 2019, after Gosling and his ex-wife separated in December 2018.

Prosecutor Keith Ballinger told the court that Gosling was not to contact his ex-wife when she moved out of their home.

But in February champagne and bubble bath was delivered to a property where she lived with her son.

The next day she received a canvas photo of herself and Gosling from their wedding day.

Gosling, aged 60, claimed to officers these deliveries were for him, as “he anticipated being allowed in the property soon”.

In April 2019 Gosling was spotted driving through the train station car park where his wife begins her work commute.

The court heard that in June and July of 2019 Gosling approached her son at the bus stop during his journey to school, passing him letters to give to the family, with one addressed to the cat.

He was also regularly spotted in a car near his ex-wife’s address.

Gosling's defence argued he did not intend to harass his ex-wife, and “these were the actions of a man coming to terms with a difficult break up”, the court heard.

Other mitigating circumstances focussed on Gosling’s “serious health conditions”, including his need for a walking aid, diabetes, and how the Covid-19 lockdown has recently impacted his mental health.

But a victim impact statement highlighted that Gosling’s repeated actions had affected his ex-wife’s everyday life, and she felt “vulnerable and intimidated”.

Gosling was given an eight-week prison sentence, suspended for two years.

A restraining order also means Gosling cannot contact his ex-wife or her son, directly or indirectly, for the next three years.

He was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £115 and £200 costs.

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