HOMES being broken into, shoplifting and damage to a school window were reported to police in Fordingbridge last month.

According to the January crime report from the neighbourhood policing team there were a total of 42 “occurrences” reported to police - 23 were recordable as crime.

There was one incident of anti-social behaviour where there had been a dispute between neighbours.

There were two reports of violence against a person, relating to an incident of shoplifting, but nobody was injured.

Two dwelling burglaries were also reported - one where a flat was believed to have been broken into and an item moved but nothing was stolen and the other was a burglary at a house where a window was smashed and keys taken.

There was one business burglary where tools were stolen from a shipping container.

Three incidents of damage were reported including a fence being broken, a window smashed at a school, and damage to a vaccination marquee.

Three shoplifting incidents were reported at local supermarkets and there was one theft from a motor vehicle where a catalytic converter was taken from two vehicles belonging to the same business.

Last month's figures show a drop in recordable crime. In December, 75 incidents were reported to police - 31 were recordable as crimes.


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